Liferay for Beginners Create Your Website Without Coding

Publisher : Vikas Kumar Jha – Poonam Jha

Price : $109

Course Language : English


This course is for absolute beginners of Liferay. In this course you will be learning below items:

  • Creating your Webiste without the need to code anything
  • Liferay Overview
  • Liferay Features
  • Understanding Liferay Architecture
  • Understanding Web Server (Tomcat)
  • Prerequisites
  • Liferay Installation on Windows
  • Liferay Installation on Linux
  • Understanding Liferay Folder Structure
  • Understanding Logs
  • Understanding Housekeeping
  • Understanding The Critical Folders
  • Introduce Portlet
  • Creating a Web Page in Liferay
  • Understanding Liferay CMS
  • Understanding Liferay Content Creation and Management Basics
  • Liferay Menu Bar Creation and Management
  • Liferay Blogs
  • Creating Polls in Liferay
  • Liferay Forums
  • Liferay Users and Group Management

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